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March 10th, 2018

A Sign of Spring – Bud Break!

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer
Greg Giguiere, Director of Vineyard Operations


As winter begins to warm to spring, the Matchbook vineyards are awakening and showing the first signs of the 2018 vintage. Warmer temperatures over the last few weeks combined with moist soils triggered the vine sap to flow, a phenomenon called “bleeding,” by our Director of Vineyard Operations, Greg Giguiere. The flowing sap pushed out the first small buds in our Chardonnay vineyard this week. These small, fuzzy leaves contain all the components of the upcoming growing season – from the shoots and canopies to the clusters and grapes.

The 2018 Matchbook Vineyard bud break looks very promising. It was on the early side of normal with tight buds that are balanced and uniform.

Cheers to a fantastic 2018 growing season and fruitful harvest!

Left image: A “Bleeding” Chardonnay Vine. Right image: Chardonnay bud break.