Pheasant Farm – Matchbook Wines


The Pheasant Farm vineyard is named for the local bird farm that supplies many of the hunting clubs in the area. The actual coop where the birds are housed sits at the southwest corner of the vineyard making for an unexpected point of interest on any tour. The land on which the vineyard is planted (and where the Pheasant Farm is located) is owned by the Smith family – JK Vineyards owns the improvements to the property (stakes, vines, irrigation system, etc.) and leases the property on a 25-year lease. JK Vineyards delivers the fruit to Matchbook under a long-term contract. This vineyard was planted as the next generation Cabernet for Matchbook with an emphasis on the Silverado and Inglenook Heritage Clones (clones 29 and 30). The entire vineyard is trained as a Hanging Curtain trellising system – a system designed to minimize the bunch and berry size of the fruit resulting in higher levels of extraction. Additionally, the Corning Red Gravel soils allow for early and mid-season vine stress because of its limited water holding capacity resulting in reduced cluster and berry size.


41 Acres

Date Planted:



Cabernet Sauvignon (36 acres), Teroldego (5 acres)


Cabernet Sauvignon (07,15, 29, 30, 47 and 337), Teroldego (02)

Soil Type:

100% Corning Gravelly Loam. This soil is formed on old, gravelly and cobbly alluvium from sedimentary and metamorphic rock of the Coast Range mountains. The soil is very red and is some of the deepest of all the ranches. The Corning soils of Pheasant Farm have a higher loam content than the soil to the east where gravel dominates. This soil is prized for its low water holding capacity – important in the management of premium quality grapes.


Pheasant Farm is a continuation of Lederer and therefore has the same topography – flat to slightly rolling terrain. This upland terrain supports limited vegetation in its native state and therefore is limited in trees and other native plant life. Fruit Contracts: 100% of the fruit from Pheasant Farm is contracted to Matchbook.