Gemmer – Matchbook Wines


Like most of the ranches either owned or leased by the company, the Gemmer vineyard is defined by its soil type. Consistent throughout, the Corning Gravelly Loam (Corning Red Gravel) provides the perfect soil for premium grape growing because of its low water holding capacity, moderate lack of soil fertility and good drainage. These three attributes allow the team at JK Vineyards to control plant growth, leading to smaller bunch and berry size, creating fruit with more intensity. This is expressed in bigger flavors for the whites and deeper color and tannin in the reds.

The Gemmer vineyard has been home to many wines produced by Matchbook with the most notable being the Matchbook Estate Bottled Old Head Chardonnay. With 57 acres of Chardonnay, Gemmer makes up a large percentage of the Matchbook Chardonnay. Tinto Rey Rose and Tempranillo use the Toro clone as their primary source coming from Gemmer. And lastly, Matchbook Estate Bottled Cabernet’s primary grape source is the Gemmer vineyard with clone 337 the most important and best producing.


115 acres

Date Planted:



Chardonnay (57 acres), Cabernet Sauvignon (27 acres), Malbec (15 acres), Tempranillo (10 acres), Petit Verdot (5 acres)


Chardonnay (04 Wente, 17 Robert Young), Cabernet Sauvignon (337, 15 and 07), Malbec (595), Tempranillo (Toro), Petit Verdot (02)

Soil Type:

Corning Gravelly Loam 90%, Sehorn Balcom Complex 10%. The Corning Gravelly Loam soils are loam soils with varying percentages of gravel depending on the site. They are typically well drained soils that have a sub-soil of clay.


The vineyard is slightly rolling with modest slopes. The ranch is dissected by one main gulley; otherwise, the property is gently rolling allowing for ease of farming.