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June 25th, 2015

Alaska Loves The Arsonist

by: Dave Kempa

In case you’re not a subscriber to the Anchorage Daily News, we thought we’d share this excellent review from Michael McVittie:

The 2013 Arsonist is a blockbuster chardonnay. If you’re not a fan of rich, buttery-style chardonnays then you should stay away–which is fine, as that leaves more for the rest of us. The Giguieres have got this one dialed in. They’re the same ones who created Toasted Head back in the day. Now the aromas are strong and the mouthfeel is rich and textured. Glorious gobs of white stone fruits abound and toasty, creamy oak is sweet perfection. This much flavor usually costs you twice as much. Really, I was completely blown away with this one. Lobster, scallops and roast chicken covered in béarnaise sauce come to mind.

Sweet perfection, indeed.

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