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Our Olives

Don’t look for giant, gnarly olive trees at Matchbook. Old school is pretty, but give us modern when it comes to growing olives. Our groves are trellised and trimmed and, yes, very pretty. The Matchbook olive groves produce high-quality olives at two-thirds the cost of a traditional grove. The quality is high, because we pick at optimal ripeness for each variety of olives. Machine harvesting gives us the ultimate flexibility on when to pick, at a lower cost, offering our consumers exceptional value. We grow Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki olives for our Matchbook Extra Virgin Olive Oil and for California Olive Ranch. Next time you see that distinctive square green bottle on the grocery store shelf know that inside is oil from olives grown by small, family farmers. That’s truly Farm to Table.

Matchbook Olive Grove

• Total Acres planted to Olives: 270 Acres

o 173 Acres Arbequina

o 36 Acres Arbosana

o 61 Acres Koroneiki

• High Density Planting: 792 Trees/ Acre

A Spanish variety of olive. This variety offers high quality fruit forward and flavorful oil with flavors of ripe olives, nuts and bananas.

The Arbosana is a mild to medium flavored Spanish varietal. It has great flavors and aromas of green olives, butter, and green grass.

A Greek olive varietal that provides structure to the final blend and offers flavors and aromas of pepper, herbs and fresh cut grass.