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February 11th, 2014

Wine and Chocolate

by: Lane Giguiere
One of our favorite desserts is a nice glass of red wine and a little something chocolate. But before you break open the candy hearts, there are a few details to remember about this classic pairing.  The fact is that not all red wine pairs well with all chocolate. Just as wine ranges from sweet to tannic so does chocolate. The rule to remember is to match the characteristics of the chocolate to the characteristics of the wine. A piece of sugary white chocolate will make a big tannic Cabernet taste bitter, but the slight bitterness and tannins of a bit of dark cocoa will bring out the fruit flavors of that same wine. To make things simple we offer a few suggestions:

A creamy, buttery white chocolate truffle will pair very nicely
with our creamy, buttery 2012 Matchbook Chardonnay.

A big ripe strawberry dipped in milk chocolate is heaven
with the cherry, earthy flavors of

A slice of flourless, bittersweet chocolate cake is the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert to tame the bold and rustic flavors of

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