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August 8th, 2016

Matchbook Rosé of Tempranillo Receives Rave Reviews

by: Ashley Johnson

With a base of tempranillo and supported by syrah, tannat and graciano grapes, Matchbook Wine Company’s 2015 Rosé of Tempranillo has taken bloom with wine bloggers. This Estate Bottled, strawberry hued Rosé has found a sunny patch of terra firma with its fruit salad aromas and flavors of peach pit, cream and cola.

Dallas Wine Chick, who writes her wine blog to the everyday person, of whom she herself is included and feels wine is a product that should be discovered, shared and enjoyed, had this to say about Matchbook’s Rosé of Tempranillo:

“WeRose of Tempranillo were at a friend’s lake house when we tried this … rosé.  It was an awesome complement to a hot day.  Notes of ripe melon, strawberry and a nice creaminess.  It was gone in a matter of minutes…”

Then, over at The Wine Stalker, a wine blog that started as a Facebook page in 2013 and is run by Certified Wine Specialist Joey Casco, Matchbook’s Rosé of Tempranillo reaped these sentiments:

“If seeing that color doesn’t make you excited about drinking this wine then you may as well be the Peculiar Purple Pieman. Shame on you. Leave Strawberry Shortcake alone … There’s aromas of candied strawberry, cantaloupe, ginger … For flavors it’s like taking all of those things and making a cream out of them because the mouthfeel is surprisingly creamy …” You can read the rest of his story here.


With its affordable price tag ($12) and creative production process, it’s no wonder the attention it has received. Enobytes called it the “perfect summer sipper,” and recommended grabbing “some bottles and enjoy the afternoon with friends and family,” while Marc Bona at said, “…this wine has a citrusy aroma, with some strawberry and tangerine leading to a slight peppery finish.

At D magazine, Haley Hamilton Cogill called Matchbook’s Rosé “a lovely, complete wine with character. Watermelon, cantaloupe, golden peach and apricot notes open the wine, followed by red berry and spice notes.

Summer is well into its peak, with the heat and long days, so why not make the most of it with a bottle (or two) of Matchbook’s Rosé of Tempranillo?