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September 20th, 2017

Harvest Update from Winemaker Dan Cederquist

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer
Topping a fermenting Chardonnay barrel in the cellar

“Harvest is in full swing at Matchbook Wine Company. We have all our Chardonnay off the vine and in the winery fermenting in barrel. Our Rosés are fermenting away nicely at 50 degrees,” said Dan Cederquist, head winemaker at Matchbook Wine Company.  “The quality of fruit has the makings of an exceptional year.  We have had 10 days of cooler temperatures in the Dunnigan Hills. This weather has slightly delayed the red varietals harvest date, but we are loving how the fruit looks and tastes out in the vineyard. The longer hang time in the vineyard is increasing flavor complexity.”