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August 21st, 2020

The Crush Bunch: It’s a Family Affair

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

Pictured: John, Greg, and Karl Giguiere enjoying a Matchbook Tasting Room food truck event.

The Matchbook Wine Company family farming lineage dates back five generations. The Dunnigan Hills vineyards were previously inhabited by the Giguiere family’s sheep ranch. Today, thousands of acres are covered in wine grapes, olive trees, and onsite winery production facilities. The family legacy is continued through the leadership of Karl Giguiere and husband and wife team, John and Lane Giguiere.

Adding to the family efforts is Karl’s son, Greg Giguiere, who serves as Director of Operations and daughter, Aimee Giguiere heading the Vineyard Administrative team. The Giguiere family is no stranger to hard work, which is why you’ll see Greg’s son, Declan, and Aimee’s daughter, Andrea, out in the vineyards taking sugar samples and helping out with other harvest needs. Another important member is Aimee’s husband, Brian Villegas, serving as Vineyard Manager.

 You’ll often find John and Lane’s niece, Sofie Brown, working at the winery during her breaks from Occidental College. Sofie is a welcome member of both the admin office and the production team.

Pictured: Sofie topping barrels during in the Summer of 2019

The family succession doesn’t end there, we have several families working on the Matchbook Vineyard and Winemaking team. This year we wanted to highlight these folks as they buzz around fulfilling all the tasks that a busy harvest season demands. The added family dynamic enhances the already tight-knit culture at the winery.

Karl, Aimee & Husband, Brian Villegas, & Greg Giguiere

Pictured: Karl & Aimee Giguiere, Brian Villegas & Greg Giguiere at the 2020 crush ceremony.

Pictured: Andrea (Aimee’s Daughter) & Greg Giguiere, taking sugar samples for the 2020 harvest.

Mikayla Callen Ruvalcaba, Laboratory Director & Laboratory Assistant, Samuel 

Adan & Petro Gallo | Cellar Crew

David Moreno Jr. & Sr. | Bottling Crew

Not pictured, but certainly appreciated:
Maria & Kevin L.| Bottling Crew
José & Christian Cardenas | Cellar Crew

What is ‘Crush’? A term that loosely describes the entire harvest season. Crush begins when the grapes are picked and continues through processing and fermentation until the last wine is safely in a barrel or tank.

Check out our team in action on the first day of our 13th Annual CRUSH, click here to watch the video.