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May 24th, 2018

Wine & Spirits 90 Points and Best Buy – Oh My!!

by: Mikaela Leach

We are thrilled to have our 2016 Mossback Russian River Valley Chardonnay highlighted in Wine & Spirits Magazine June issue. We love the review’s mouthwatering flavor descriptors “…notes of apple skin, tart white cherries and lemongrass.”

Mossback Winemaker, Dan Cederquist, has been working with the Mossback Russian River Valley Chardonnay vineyard for over two decades. Dan loves this vineyard for the crisp apple and beautiful fruit components. Winemakers are like parents, they don’t really pick favorites, but it is fair to say the Mossback Russian River Chardonnay is one of Dan’s “go-to” wines.

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August 24th, 2016

Convention goes up in smoke at Dunnigan Hills winery

by: Lane Giguiere

Lauren King captured the innovative spirit of the Matchbook story in her August 23, 2016,  feature in the Daily Democrat:

A Yolo County winery is blazing a new path in an industry from an unlikely vantage point.

John and Lane Giguiere began Matchbook Wine Company in the Dunnigan Hills to bring great wine and reputation to the region.

The couple met and fell in love at Woodland High School and after college, they joined John’s brother in taking over the family farm.

“I studied psychology in college and it didn’t seem very relevant. Everything was theoretical, nothing real. Putting a seed in the ground and seeing it come out of the ground and grow, that was real,” said John of his decision to move back to the family home.

At first, the couple tried their hand at the traditional trades of the area — dry grains and sheep. When that didn’t work, they tried planting beans, corn, and other irrigated crops. The couple could still not make ends meet.

“In a last ditch effort, we planted 10 acres of grapes to sell to other wineries. We ended up not selling them and instead hired a grad student out of UC Davis to make wine for us. That worked,” recalled Lane.

In the first year, they sold 4,000 cases of wine. In the next year, that number would grow to 40,000 and to 150,000 in the next.

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August 19th, 2016

Harvest Begins in Yolo County

by: Lane Giguiere

Matchbook Wine Company’s celebration of Harvest 2016 is featured on the front page of the August 19 edition of the Daily Democrat!

A field hand surveys a verdot vineyard at Matchbook Winery in the Dunnigan Hills. JIM SMITH — DAILY DEMOCRAT

By Jim Smith, Woodland Daily Democrat

With a flash of metal against glass, the crush began for Yolo County’s wine grapes of 2016.

Held at Matchbook Winery, the Thursday morning picking and crushing signaled the start of harvest season in the rolling Dunnigan Hills surrounding Zamora in northern Yolo County.

Winemaker Dan Cederquist and owner Lane Giguiere celebrated by “sabering” bottles of sparkling wine before toasting the occasion with others in the winery. Sabering involves using a specially designed knife to remove the top from a bottle of sparkling wine.

“This is our ninth harvest,” said Cederquist just before raising his glass and before several tons of temperillo grapes were dumped into a corkscrew-like device used to separate the berries from stems and leaves.

“There’s something about the ‘nines,’” Cederquist said. “I think it’s an old Scottish proverb (which goes) ‘and to the nines means perfection.’ And this year, 2016, we have perfection, at least in the vineyards.”

“We’ve probably had the most perfect growing season we’ve ever had,” he continued. “We’ve had no issues with pests or bugs or fires — the fires are over there,” Cederquist said pointing toward the northwest, “but they haven’t affected us at all. We had nice rains in the springtime that got everything nice, moist and wet and got everything growing. We had a nice fruit set. No thinning really necessary. Absolutely perfect.

“So, we had the perfect year out there, and now it’s our job in production to make fine wine. So this harvest we’re going to dedicate it to perfection, or to the nines.”

Cederquist has been the chief winemaker at Matchbook since 2004 and the crush came after field hands started cutting grapes of their vines at sun-up.

While some workers used cutters to personally cut verdot grapes in a half-acre area, others used machinery to shake loose temperillo grapes. Late night or early morning is considered the best time to harvest since the sugar content of grapes is at its highest.

The winery has 1,500 acres of grapes.

Matchbook was founded by John and Lane Giguiere after they sold their first winery, R.H. Phillips, located outside Esparto, to a Canadian group.

Matchbook wines were on the shelves in 2005 and today there are four brands: Matchbook Wines, produced primarily from grapes grown in the Giguiere’s Dunnigan Hills vineyard; Mossback, featuring Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon from Chalk Hill; Chasing Venus, showcasing New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc varietals; and Sawbuck from grapes grown in Yolo County.

Read the article and see the video of the harvest celebration on line here



June 9th, 2016

2016 California State Fair Awards

by: Aileen Niizawa Morris

The results are in for the California State Fair. We walked away with 20 awards, including a DOUBLE GOLD, 98 Points for 2012 Tinto Rey!

Matchbook 2012 Tinto Rey – DOUBLE GOLD, 98, Best of Class of Region

Matchbook 2014 Dunnigan Hills Cabernet – GOLD, 95, Best of Class of Region

Arsonist 2013 Red Blend – Silver, 88, Best of Class of Region

Matchbook 2015 Estate Bottled Rose – Silver, 88, Best of Class of Region

Matchbook 2014 Lake County Cabernet – Silver, 88

Black’s Station 2014 Yolo County Malbec – Silver, 88

Matchbook 2015 Verdejo – Bronze, 87

Black’s Station 2015 Estate Bottled Chardonnay – Bronze, 87

Arsonist 2014 Chardonnay – Bronze, 86

Matchbook 2012 Syrah – Bronze, 86

Mossback 2014 Central Coast Pinot Noir – Bronze, 86

Black’s Station 2014 Yolo County Cabernet Sauvignon – Bronze, 86

Sawbuck 2014 Chardonnay – Bronze, 86

Sawbuck 2013 Malbec – Bronze, 86

Matchbook 2014 Old Head Chardonnay – Bronze, 85

Matchbook 2012 Tempranillo – Bronze, 85

Mossback 2013 Chalk Hill Cabernet – Bronze, 85

Mossback 2014 Russian River Pinot Noir – Bronze, 85

Black’s Station 2014 Yolo County Red Blend – Bronze, 85

Sawbuck 2013 Cabernet – Bronze, 85

California Commercial Wine

May 25th, 2016

93 Points for 2014 Mossback Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

by: Aileen Niizawa Morris has awarded our 2014 Mossback Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 93 Points, a Gold Medal and an Exceptional rating!

“Garnet color. Bright, fruity, toasty aromas and flavors of cherry-orange jam on dark toast, spicy vanilla toffee, and hint of caramelized bacon with a satiny, bright, medium-to-full body and a tingling, nuanced, medium-long marinated beets, candied yams, chocolate mint, and cedar finish with chewy, well-integrated tannins and moderate oak. A rather robust and expansive pinot noir with a kaleidoscope of flavors.”

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