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January 25th, 2019

Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay Awarded 90 Points & Best Buy from Wine Enthusiast Magazine!

by: Virginia Sandfer

The March issue of Wine Enthusiast will feature our 2017 Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay with a 90-Point score and a Best Buy rating!

This is great, great news at the very beginning of the vintage. Once again: a huge thanks to our winemaking team for crafting such a fabulous wine; and another big thanks to vineyard crew for raising the bar on Dunnigan Hills Chardonnay. 

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Full Review: Matchbook 2017 Estate Bottled Old Head Chardonnay (Dunnigan Hills). This medium-bodied wine is subtle on the nose, but opens up on the palate to rich fruit and spice flavors that coat the tongue. It is balanced toward the soft side, but with underling acidity to balance the richness. Best Buy. — Jim Gordon

January 2nd, 2019

Why Petit Verdot?

by: Lane Giguiere

Introducing Matchbook Estate Bottled 2016 Petit Verdot

“Petit Verdot is extremely responsive to Matchbook’s soil type and growing conditions. Remarkably the vines can appear to be depleted yet the fruit is flavorful with intense dark color making it both a fun and challenging grape to farm.” -Greg Giguiere, Director of Vineyard Operations

Petit Verdot bottle
  • Thought to be one of the first varieties originally planted in Bordeaux by the ancient Romans
  • It is one of Bordeaux’s classic varietals but gradually fell out of favor due to difficulty in obtaining ripeness; hence the name Petit Verdot which means “little green one”
  • Shows its true potential in warm regions on well-drained, gravel-based soils
  • The grape has thick skin and a natural acidity which adds tannin, color, floral aromas, spicy flavors and a minerally finish
  • Valued for yielding concentrated, full-bodied wines that are age-worthy
  • Dense flavors of plum, violets and mocha layered over tart cherry and blueberry. Strong tannins are tamed by an appealing fruit sweetness

“Petit Verdot could be Dunnigan Hills’s best varietal. Yes, it has firm tannins and gives great structure to wines, but ours also shows beautiful aromas of violet and great fruit expression of blueberries. Depth, structure, aroma and flavor- this wine has it all. ”-Dan Cederquist, Head Winemaker

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August 29th, 2018

Matchbook Cabernet Awarded 90 Points & Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast Magazine!

by: Virginia Sandfer

On August 30th, we celebrate International Cabernet Day*, which makes it the perfect time to announce our Matchbook 2016 Estate Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon has received 90 Points & Best Buy from Wine Enthusiast, October 2018 Issue. Cheers to celebrating Cabernet, the Matchbook way!

Full Review:
This wine blends subtle spices with rich fruit for a seductive flavor profile. It maintains a velvety texture on the palate and through the lingering finish. Flavors of blueberry and baking spice give it plenty of personality. —J. Gordon

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*International Cabernet Day is celebrated the Thursday before the US Labor Day, thanks to Rick Bakas, click here to find out why.

April 12th, 2018

Vit Bit: Crown Suckering

by: Aileen Niizawa Morris

It’s officially Spring when the vineyards begin to sprout leaves and we start tearing them off. This labor intensive, very important step is called crown suckering where surplus shoots are removed from the vine’s cordon. As John Giguiere explains in the video, this is the first step in the season’s canopy management. Removing these unwanted shoots improves quality by reducing the density of the canopy and balancing the season’s crop level.

June 27th, 2017 raves about 2013 Matchbook Tempranillo!

by: Mikaela Leach

Our very own 2013 Matchbook Tempranillo was selected as one of Nick Passmore’s favorite Platinum Award winning wines from the 2017 Critics Challenge Wine Competition. Nick describes the wine in his article as “An explosion of raspberry exuberance. As delightful as an aperitif as with food, a rare achievement.” To read the full article click here. To purchase a bottle and taste for yourself click here.  Cheers!




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