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July 23rd, 2020

Color Together, Vol. 3 with Peggy Jo Ackley

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

We are excited to partner with Peggy Jo Ackley, in the newest edition of our Color Together Activity Book. Peggy is a talented illustrator and designer originally from Woodland, California – the hometown of Matchbook owner,  Lane Giguiere! Her garden and nature-themed illustrations are the perfect addition to our books that were designed to keep you busy during this time. We hope you enjoy coloring together with your loved ones while sipping on your favorite Matchbook wines!

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About Peggy:

Peggy began her career as a greeting card designer for a small paper company in Illinois. After four years, she started her own studio and began licensing her designs into other product categories such as gifts, fabrics, and housewares. She is probably best known as the illustrator of the “Bitty Bear” book series for the American Girl Company.

Peggy has a great love of pattern and a keen sense of detail, as demonstrated by her fine hand. For her illustration, she usually works to product size, most frequently in gouache or colored pencil, with a subtle ink outline. Favorite subject matter includes sweetly whimsical animals, nostalgic toys, and detailed renderings of flowers and fruits.

Always encouraged by her parents, Peggy has been drawing and painting since age 3. She was born and raised in Northern California and attended the University of California at Davis, and New York University earning a fine arts degree. She currently makes her home in Sonoma County, California.

Visit Peggy’s website:

June 1st, 2020

Matchbook Tasting Room FAQ & COVID-19 Updates

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

Updated 7/14/20

Hello Matchbook Fans! We have received several inquiries asking if we are still open and the answer is YES! We will continue to provide OUTDOOR seating for you to enjoy with a flight of your favorite Matchbook wines. Current hours (listed below) will remain and we will continue to book reservations for all weekend food truck events.

😷 It is also important to note that in compliance with Yolo County’s current health orders you must have a mask on to enter and anytime you are not seated at your designated table. We will continue to do our best to keep our patio, bathrooms, and tasting room fully sanitized and encourage you to take advantage of the hand sanitizer stations at multiple points on our patio!

Curbside Pick-Up & Walk-Ins:
Monday – Thursday: 11am – 4:30pm
Friday: 11am – 2pm
Place your order online or by calling 530-662-1032, ext. 215

Call (530)662-1032, ext. 215, to reserve a table on our patio:
Friday: 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: 11am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 11am- 4:30pm

📅 Keep updated on Matchbook events by viewing our calendar on Facebook and our website.

📦 I know not everyone is ready to join us again and so please don’t forget that you can pick up your favorite wines via our curbside pick up, or take advantage of $5 flat rate shipping on all online orders of 6 bottle or more using the code WINENOT!

🍷 Cheers!
Maureen Henderson
Matchbook Tasting Room Manager

Helpful Videos:

Here’s what it looks like now that we’re back open again. Click here to view!

Phase 3 Video Update. Click here to view! (Updated COVID-19 procedures)

Phase 2 Video Update. Click here to view!

Do I need to make a reservation?
Reservations are required on our Friday, Saturday and Sunday event days. Please call our tasting room at (530)662-1032, ext. 215 to secure a table. We check our voicemail several times a day. The patio is open for seating on Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 11am – 8:30pm and Sunday 11am – 4:30pm. If you get a busy signal or if you’re not able to reach us, please leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, number of people in your party and your desired reservation date and time.

Are you allowing walk-ins?
Yes. We are now open for you to enjoy a wine flight or your favorite bottle: Monday – Thursday, 11am – 4:30pm and Friday, 11am – 3pm – no reservation required. Picnic food and snacks are welcome.

Are you still offering curbside pick-up?
Yes! We will continue to offer our curbside pick-up service Monday – Thursday, 11am – 4:30pm and Friday, 11am – 3pm . You can place your order online or by calling (530)662-1032, ext. 215.

Is there a time limit on my reserved table?
To allow for the maximum number of guests to enjoy our patio in one day, reservations are allotted a two and a half-hour time limit, because of this there will be no room to extend your reservation if you are late. We will do our best to see you within 15 minutes of the start of your reservation time!

Am I required to wear a face-covering or mask?
Masks must be worn from the time of arrival until you are seated at your table. While at your table you may remove your mask and enjoy your food and drink, if you get up from your table to walk to the bathroom, your car, the food truck, or stretch your legs you will need to wear your mask! Masks are not mandatory for our guests under age 2 and are at the discretion of parents/legal guardians for children under age 12. Per Yolo County’s Health Department ordinance.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, we are now allowing pets on our patio on our non-event days.

Will there be a health screening?
Yes. Upon check-in you will be asked a 4 question health and safety screening:

  • Have you traveled out of the continental United States in the last two weeks?
  • Have you had a fever of 100.6 or more in the last two weeks?
  • Are you experiencing now or have you experienced any of the following symptoms related to the coronavirus in the last two weeks: cough, shortness of breath, fever, loss of taste or smell?
  • Are you ready to enjoy some delicious food and wine? 😄

Why am I required to order food with my wine?
UPDATE as of 6/12/20  – You are NOT required to order food with your wine. You are welcome to simply enjoy our wines and bring your own picnic if desired on our non-event days. 
In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines put in place by Yolo County, our tasting room must operate as a restaurant. For us, this means hosting a food truck on days our patio is open. You are required to place a food order with your wine. Once seated at your table, a tasting room associate will act as your server, taking your food and wine order – just like you were at a restaurant!

Where can I wash my hands? 
We have hand sanitizer stations located at check-in and on the patio.

How are you enforcing social distancing?
Please be aware of signs directing the flow of traffic upon entering and exiting the patio. This will help to keep incoming and outgoing guests socially distanced.

April 20th, 2020

5 Things You Didn’t Know … About Matchbook Chardonnay

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer


Fun facts about your favorite Chardonnay!

  1. World-Class Terroir: We grow our Chardonnay in northern California’s rolling Dunnigan Hills appellation, a region celebrated for its corning red soil. This red, gravelly earth drains extremely well, allowing our vineyard crew to control our crop’s water intake. As a result, the grapes produce smaller berries with intensified flavors.
  2. Homegrown Quality: Estate Bottled – Beginning with the 2012 vintage, Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay has been 100% grown, produced and bottled on our Dunnigan Hills estate.

    Family Owned
    The Giguiere family grew up in rural Yolo County, founding the historic RH Phillips winery and establishing the Dunnigan Hills appellation. Matchbook Chardonnay carries on our long tradition of wines that are East of Napa. Left of Center.

    Consistency – 
    For a Chardonnay hitting the shelves at $15 per bottle, our wine celebrates a remarkable history of great scores from experts at the Tasting Panel, Wine Enthusiast and the Wine Advocate. Robert Parker appreciates Old Head Chardonnay’s “excellent ripeness, medium body, good purity and … very subtle dosage of oak.” We agree.

  3. Hand-Crafted: We carry out an intense regimen; hand-stirring the lees sediment into our Chardonnay every ten days as it ages in-barrel to soften the wine and broaden the palate. That classic, rich mouthfeel in your glass? You can thank our cellar crew for working it into the wine.

Barrel Aged: We named this Chardonnay “Old Head’’ because it is aged primarily in barrels used in previous vintages, which results in more nuanced oak extraction. We use a blend of barrels, old and new, to add complexity.

World Cooperage Fusion: A hybrid of American and Hungarian staid barrels with Hungarian toasted heads. These bring a robust oak character that elevates the tropical notes of our Dunnigan Hills fruit.

Cote d’Or, D’aquitaine, Marques and Ingenieux: our four French brands. Cote d’Or and Ingenieux contribute exotic spices and caramelly toast, while D’aquitaine and Marques have a very nice vanilla oak spice and an enticing hint of bacon.

Vineyard Selected: We grow multiple clones of Chardonnay in our vineyard to create one unique, complex wine.

Clone 4: Our bread-and-butter fruit, clone 4 adds luscious tropical characters dominated by pineapple.

Clone 17: Known for its small clusters and berries, the intense Robert Young clone contributes Pippin apple and subtle mineral characters.

Clone 809: Exotic flavors of white flower mingle with honeysuckle and apricot.

Dijon Clones (95, 124 and 76): Among the earliest to harvest, these grapes add chalky mineral characters with some Chablis-like tropicality.

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October 15th, 2019

High Fives with The Matchbook Tasting Room Staff

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

This month the Matchbook Tasting Room will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary. Continuing with our theme of 5’s – we asked 5 members of our Tasting Room 5 questions. Here’s what they said …

1. Can you describe your favorite Matchbook wine in 5 words? Extra points for rhyming.

  • Maureen: “Pink, peach, crisp, all day!” (Tinto Rey Rosé)
  • Kendall: “Sunset, boyfriend, content, toasted, bread.” (Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay)
  • Greg: “Leather, pepper, cherry, gunsmoke, cassis.” (Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Wendy: “Red, bold, dry, smoky, smooth.” (Matchbook Petit Verdot)
  • Anna: “Buttery, oaky, a little smoky.” *Extra points for rhyming! (The Arsonist Chardonnay)

2. Are you a fan of high 5’s? Yay or nay? If nay, what do you prefer?

  • Maureen: “Yay!”
  • Kendall: “Nay, I’ll take a 5 dollar bill :)”
  • Greg: “Nay, I like a simple handshake and great wine conversation.”
  • Wendy: “Yay, that would be ok.”
  • Anna: “Yay!”

3. Quick – there’s a zombie apocalypse and they are coming towards the tasting room! You have time to grab 5 things, what do you go for?

  • Maureen:“Cash drawer, 2 glasses, Greg to hold the door open and out I go with a pallet of wine!”
  • Kendall: “Money, Old Head Chardonnay, wine glass charms, a bottle opener, and golf cart keys!”
  • Greg: “Magnum of Mossback Cab, a bottle opener, wine glass, my keys, and my sunglasses.”
  • Wendy: “Cash drawer, computer, rosé shirts, my purse, and some Petit Verdot.”
  • Anna: “The wine club pick-up list, the wine club update list, any new wine club sign up forms, a bottle opener and a bottle of  The Arsonist Chardonnay!”

4. You and 4 tasting room staffers form a band, what’s your band name?

  • Maureen: “Hide the Wine!” – new country band
  • Kendall: “Pour Choices” – electronica
  • Greg: “Drunk by Noon!” – big band jazz
  • Wendy: The Bad Matches” – punk rock!
  • Anna: “The Soft Tannins” – an indie band

5. Name 5 things you can’t live without?

  • Maureen: “My kids, snack foods, Coca-Cola, sweatpants, and wine!”
  • Kendall: “Coffee, chocolate, sushi, the gym, and Netflix.”
  • Greg: “My wife, my dogs, my energy drinks, good food, and good wine.”
  • Wendy: “Water, nature, love, respect, and meds. (For fun: shoes, nachos, jackets, bloody marys and dill pickles.)”
  • Anna: “Friends, family, a good view, food, and Matchbook wines!”

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October 15th, 2019

5 Years, Top 5 Wines!

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

In honor of celebrating our Tasting Room’s 5th Anniversary – we ran the numbers to find out our Top 5 Selling Wines!

“I’m so excited to celebrate such a BIG milestone with Matchbook! In the year that I’ve been serving customers, I’ve met people that have been following us from the start as well as brand new customers that I’ve grown to love! I can’t wait to toast another year at our Anniversary Party!” – Maureen Henderson, Tasting Room Manager

2018 Tinto Rey
Estate Bottled

Fresh and delicious, this pretty wine has a depth of flavor that makes it the most popular Rosé all year long .
Hip, hip hooray, give me Rosé! »  




2017 Matchbook
Estate Bottled
Petite Sirah

This is the definition of a fun red wine. Dense, rich and luscious with a hint of sweet fruit to liven things up.
I’m the life of the party! »  



2018 Chasing Venus
Marlborough, New Zealand
Sauvignon Blanc

Everything a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc should have: vibrant, mouthwatering flavors of grapefruit, pineapple and lime zest. Cheers, let’s celebrate! »  




2017 Tinto Rey
Estate Bottled

Delightful flavors of stone fruit and citrus pair well with al fresco dining with good friends.
Yum, better than cake! »  




2016 The Arsonist
Red Blend

A robust and refined blend of all the powerhouse reds: Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Power and grace in a bottle.
Forget the presents, give me the wine!»


Honorary Mention: Have you tried this 90-point national best seller?

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