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October 15th, 2019

High Fives with The Matchbook Tasting Room Staff

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

This month the Matchbook Tasting Room will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary. Continuing with our theme of 5’s – we asked 5 members of our Tasting Room 5 questions. Here’s what they said …

1. Can you describe your favorite Matchbook wine in 5 words? Extra points for rhyming.

  • Maureen: “Pink, peach, crisp, all day!” (Tinto Rey Rosé)
  • Kendall: “Sunset, boyfriend, content, toasted, bread.” (Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay)
  • Greg: “Leather, pepper, cherry, gunsmoke, cassis.” (Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Wendy: “Red, bold, dry, smoky, smooth.” (Matchbook Petit Verdot)
  • Anna: “Buttery, oaky, a little smoky.” *Extra points for rhyming! (The Arsonist Chardonnay)

2. Are you a fan of high 5’s? Yay or nay? If nay, what do you prefer?

  • Maureen: “Yay!”
  • Kendall: “Nay, I’ll take a 5 dollar bill :)”
  • Greg: “Nay, I like a simple handshake and great wine conversation.”
  • Wendy: “Yay, that would be ok.”
  • Anna: “Yay!”

3. Quick – there’s a zombie apocalypse and they are coming towards the tasting room! You have time to grab 5 things, what do you go for?

  • Maureen:“Cash drawer, 2 glasses, Greg to hold the door open and out I go with a pallet of wine!”
  • Kendall: “Money, Old Head Chardonnay, wine glass charms, a bottle opener, and golf cart keys!”
  • Greg: “Magnum of Mossback Cab, a bottle opener, wine glass, my keys, and my sunglasses.”
  • Wendy: “Cash drawer, computer, rosé shirts, my purse, and some Petit Verdot.”
  • Anna: “The wine club pick-up list, the wine club update list, any new wine club sign up forms, a bottle opener and a bottle of  The Arsonist Chardonnay!”

4. You and 4 tasting room staffers form a band, what’s your band name?

  • Maureen: “Hide the Wine!” – new country band
  • Kendall: “Pour Choices” – electronica
  • Greg: “Drunk by Noon!” – big band jazz
  • Wendy: The Bad Matches” – punk rock!
  • Anna: “The Soft Tannins” – an indie band

5. Name 5 things you can’t live without?

  • Maureen: “My kids, snack foods, Coca-Cola, sweatpants, and wine!”
  • Kendall: “Coffee, chocolate, sushi, the gym, and Netflix.”
  • Greg: “My wife, my dogs, my energy drinks, good food, and good wine.”
  • Wendy: “Water, nature, love, respect, and meds. (For fun: shoes, nachos, jackets, bloody marys and dill pickles.)”
  • Anna: “Friends, family, a good view, food, and Matchbook wines!”

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October 15th, 2019

5 Years, Top 5 Wines!

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

In honor of celebrating our Tasting Room’s 5th Anniversary – we ran the numbers to find out our Top 5 Selling Wines!

“I’m so excited to celebrate such a BIG milestone with Matchbook! In the year that I’ve been serving customers, I’ve met people that have been following us from the start as well as brand new customers that I’ve grown to love! I can’t wait to toast another year at our Anniversary Party!” – Maureen Henderson, Tasting Room Manager

2018 Tinto Rey
Estate Bottled

Fresh and delicious, this pretty wine has a depth of flavor that makes it the most popular Rosé all year long .
Hip, hip hooray, give me Rosé! »  




2017 Matchbook
Estate Bottled
Petite Sirah

This is the definition of a fun red wine. Dense, rich and luscious with a hint of sweet fruit to liven things up.
I’m the life of the party! »  



2018 Chasing Venus
Marlborough, New Zealand
Sauvignon Blanc

Everything a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc should have: vibrant, mouthwatering flavors of grapefruit, pineapple and lime zest. Cheers, let’s celebrate! »  




2017 Tinto Rey
Estate Bottled

Delightful flavors of stone fruit and citrus pair well with al fresco dining with good friends.
Yum, better than cake! »  




2016 The Arsonist
Red Blend

A robust and refined blend of all the powerhouse reds: Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Power and grace in a bottle.
Forget the presents, give me the wine!»


Honorary Mention: Have you tried this 90-point national best seller?

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June 3rd, 2019

Matchbook Dads

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

We asked Dads at Matchbook to describe their perfect Father’s Day. The responses were the same across the board – a great meal and some wine!

Pat Kane  President and CEO
The perfect Father’s Day “weekend” for me is with my two sons, in Omaha, Nebraska, for the College World Series. This includes dining at one of the fine restaurants in The Old Market while enjoying a glass (or two) of Mossback Chalk Hill Cabernet.

Rob W. Senior Accountant
Spending time with family, watching baseball on TV or at the ballpark. Just soaking it all in while sipping on Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc.


Rob V. Regional Manager, Central U.S.
My Father’s Day is celebrated in three stages. The morning always includes Sunday brunch with eggs Benedict topped with crab meat and paired with Matchbook Chardonnay. The afternoon is spent at the ballpark watching my son, Ian, play baseball. Chances are Tinto Rey Rosé will be in the Yeti tumbler. The evening will include some chillin’ and grillin’ pork tenderloin and veggies paired with The Arsonist Red Blend.

Javier S. | Lead Bottling Line Operator
I like to spend the day with my family at home – throwing some carne asada on the grill and drinking Matchbook Cabernet (and tequila, of course!)


Blake W. | Central Division Sales Manager
I will be spending it with my wife Kelly, my daughters Casey and Hunter and their husbands. The day will be spent on the boat, enjoying some sunshine (hopefully), good conversation and laughs with a cooler full of Tinto Rey Rosé and Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc. We will follow that up with grilled ribeye, wild mushroom risotto, a summer salad, and The Arsonist Red Blend to wash it all down.

Greg G. | Director of Vineyard Operations
Make breakfast with the kids and spend the entire day together. We barbecue steak or ribs with a side of corn, green beans and watermelon. It’s a total summer BBQ! Paired with Tinto Rey Super Tinto Red Blend to complement the tangy BBQ sauce!  

John T. | Director of National Accounts
Wake up early, drink a cup of pour over BRIDGE coffee (my new fave), read the SF Chronicle newspaper front to back, go for a 5-mile run, relax by the pool, then I cook up special family BBQ (cowboy steaks and veggies) to honor me. With all that activity, I go to bed early. It’s the only day I break my rule no drinking on Sunday. My favorite wines of the day: mid-day Tinto Rey Rosé and for dinner –The Arsonist Red Blend.

Ken B. | Regional Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic
My perfect Father’s Day is brunch with the kids and grandkids. Dogs won’t let us sleep in, ever! Brunch would be eggs Benedict with hash browns. Tinto Rey Verdejo and Rosé followed up with oranges and whipped cream. One day to be spoiled and pay no attention to eating right.

Matt Q. | Graphic Designer
Wake up late to a good breakfast. Hang out with my family. End the day with grilling a good dinner paired with Matchbook Chardonnay.


Jose C. | Cellar Master
I like to drink  The “Red King” so I can celebrate Father’s Day like a king! I pair it with a custom baked pizza with all the toppings – Canadian bacon, pepperoni, arugula, mozzarella and fresh roasted garlic. 

Miguel C. | Cellar Crew 
I spend my Father’s Day at home with my family and a home cooked meal with a chilled glass of an old favorite – Musque Chardonnay.


Happy Father’s Day! We hope you enjoy your day with a glass of wine in hand to celebrate.

Visit our tasting room Sunday – Thursday 11am – 4:30pm or Friday & Saturday 11am – 8:30pm to pick up wine for the day. Or give Dad a day off from the grill and join us for a pre-Father’s Day celebration at the Matchbook Tasting Room. Sip wine and enjoy Rollin’ Roadhouse BBQ and live music by Whiskey Moonlight on Saturday, June 15th from 5 – 8pm.


October 18th, 2018

A New Generation of Packaging

by: Lane Giguiere

Matchbook Wine Company is excited to introduce a new intriguing and luxurious package design. The new label is a full wrap detailed with a continuous deckled edge. The front panel features a small burn atop Matchbook’s iconic flame, paying homage to the Matchbook moniker.

“After 11 years it was time for a label refresh”, says John Giguiere Owner of Matchbook Wine Company. The Dunnigan Hills winery’s iconic full-paneled, burnt-edged label has been replaced by a sleek wrap label that highlights the Estate Bottled offerings.

The new label is recognizably Matchbook, with a modern twist. The distinct vertical logo has been flipped to horizontal highlighted by a red foil flame. The burnt notch on the upper right remains as an homage to the original burned edge. The label has a “matchstick x” boarder treatment and the Estate Bottled designation is prominently displayed.

The Matchbook brand features four varietals, all grown and farmed by the Giguiere family in the Dunnigan Hills AVA in northern California.

Coinciding with the brand refresh, Matchbook is proud to announce the inaugural release of  Matchbook 2016 Estate Bottled Petite Sirah, along with a fan favorite, Matchbook 2017 Estate Bottled Chardonnay. The 2017 Estate Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Matchbook Estate Bottled Petit Verdot coming soon in 2019.

“We are constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of our vineyards and wines. Tweaking the appearance of our packaging highlights our innovative focus and keeps us current with consumer trends,” states John Giguiere.

About Matchbook Wine Company

East of Napa, Left of Center: The Giguiere family embodies Dunnigan Hills winemaking. In 1981, they pioneered grape growing in this region when they planted their very first vineyard. By 1993, they had succeeded in making the Dunnigan Hills a nationally recognized American appellation. The Matchbook flame is an homage to the Giguiere brothers’ youthful fascination with fire. Today, Matchbook Wine Company produces over 15 wines showcasing the varietals that perform best in our warm, dry climate.