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January 15th, 2012

Tinto Rey in Detroit News

by: Lane Giguiere

Sandra Silfen chose our 2007 Matchbook Tinto Rey as the Detroit News recommended wine for January 11!

Today’s recommended wine

Selections are by wine columnist Sandra Silfven

Giguiere Family, 2007 Matchbook Tinto Rey Dry Red Table Wine California, $17

“Smooth tannins, ripe berry fruit with cherry, blueberry and tobacco nuances characterize this sassy red from the Dunnigan Hills with coastal fruit blended in. It’s made by the Giguiere family, which planted the first vineyards in the Dunnigan Hills, northeast and inland of Napa Valley. Their noted labels included R.H. Phillips, Toasted Head and Hogue Cellars, all of which were huge successes and eventually sold. In recent times, with partners, they started the Crew Wine Co., and planted Matchbook Vineyard in the Dunnigan Hills. “Tinto Rey” means Red King and is the main grape in this dry red blend, and Tempranillo is the king of Spanish reds. It also has Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano and Petite Sirah in the blend.”

Read the entire review on line.

January 5th, 2012

Chasing Venus in Top 40

by: Lane Giguiere recommends our 2010 Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc in writer Stan Reitan’s Top 40 Under Twenty Bucks in 2011:

“Just another fantastic sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. It seems as if this wine region just keeps pumping out quality juice at excellent prices. Aromas of fresh cut grass and grapefruit. Vibrant acidity that drives the flavors of grapefruit and pineapple. The mid-palate displays notes of mango and papaya. There is a nice mineral quality along with a creamy texture in the mouth. The zippy flavors hang on for some time. I like this wine because it is not JUST grapefruit. It has a lot more personality and layers. It should be easy to get your hands on.  90 points


December 19th, 2011

Tinto Rey & Olive Oil

by: Lane Giguiere

The Palm Beach Post Swirl Girls recommended our 2007 Matchbook Tinto Rey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their December 16 Round-up: Reds under $20 column:

2007 Giguiere Family Matchbook Tinto Rey, California ($17 – With a deep garnet color, this blend continues the depth in its aroma of black cherry, other dark berries, dark chocolate and oak. The palate is a surprise in that there’s not as much fruit as the aroma might lead you to believe. In fact, despite that it’s a New World wine, it tastes more like an Old World with 44 percent tempranillo, 36 percent syrah, 13 percent cabernet sauvignon, 5 percent graciano and 2 percent petite syrah. The earth notes come through more than the berries, it was a bit acidic up front and finished long and dry. It’s a full-bodied, slightly tannic wine, although it did soften as the night went on. So, do yourself and the wine a favor, and let this big boy sit for an hour or more to enjoy the spicy berries and oak influences, perhaps imagining yourself picnicking amongst the hills of Spain.

Matchbook Tinto Rey Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($15 for 750 ml, ) – I’m not sure what constitutes proper descriptors for tasting olive oil, nor have I ever taken any tasting notes for olive oil. But when the bottle of wine sent for review from Matchbook comes with a bottle of their olive oil, well then, my duties as a Swirl Girl are extended beyond the grape. The cold-pressed oil is made from Spanish and Italian varieties grown in California, and has a deep yellow color with a green cast. It’s very fragrant, and pours from the bottle like syrup. It has good weight on the palate, a creamy texture with rich and hearty flavors, and then finishes with a pepper note. I didn’t taste the Matchbook oil against other olive oils, so I can’t say anything relative, but I can say it was delicious. I mixed it with aged balsamic vinegar for a spinach salad, and the oil coated the leaves with its flavor prominent in every bite.”


December 14th, 2011

Matchbook: Just Delightful!

by: Lane Giguiere

Rich Breshears, the East Oregonian Wine Guy, featured our 2007 Matchbook Tinto Rey in his December 9 column:

“The Giguiere family from Zamora, Calif. has been producing wines since 1983 under a label that they took to the moon. The R.H. Phillips brand was their baby, producing great wines such as Toasted Head and EXP. They sold to Vincor in 2000, and John Giguiere worked as CEO of Vincor until 2005.

The family started Matchbook, Mossback, Chasing Venus, and Sawbuck, which I’ve written about in other articles.

I was excited to try Matchbook’s “King,” in their 2007 Tinto Rey. This red table wine is the Giguiere’s favorite wine and I’ve been looking forward to trying it for some time. A mix of 44 percent Temperanillo, 36 percent Syrah, 13 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 percent Graciano and 2 percent Petite Syrah make this wine a huge combination of Spanish and Bordeaux varietals. The Spanish varietals give off huge flavors of spicy red berries, with black cherry and blueberry coming from the Syrah, cedar and rummy tobacco runs from the flavors of the Cabernet Sauvignon, with tannic structure and pepper coming from the Petite Syrah. This wine is beautifully complicated, with aromas and flavors from beginning to the very end of the finish. Enjoy with any kind of red meat. I followed the suggestion from the winery and made lamb pops with rosemary and garlic. It was oh so good!”

December 2nd, 2011

Mossback in Palm Beach Post

by: Lane Giguiere

The Palm Beach Post “Swirl Girls” blog recommends our 2009 Mossback Pinot Noir! Swirl Girl says our Russian River Valley Pinot “has a long, warm finish that wrapped around me like a soft cashmere blanket”. Sigh . . .

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