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Chasing Venus Varietals:
Why Chasing Venus?
In 1769, Captain Cook took command of the HMS Endeavor, setting
sail for the Pacific to study the passage of the planet Venus across the
disc of the Sun. Little did the world know, this was a ruse for Cook’s
true objective: He’d been commissioned by the British to find the
mysterious and elusive “Southern Continent.” On this voyage,
Cook became the first European to explore New Zealand, and he did
eventually find Australia. Quite the accomplishment for a captain
who was just out Chasing Venus.
About the Appellation
Chasing Venus focuses on what New Zealand does best: Sauvignon Blanc. The fruit source is from vineyards in the heart of the Marlborough region. The wines are being made under the supervision of winemaker Dan Cederquist and exhibit the aggressive pungent grapefruit gooseberry style that has made New Zealand world famous.

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