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October 15th, 2019

High Fives with The Matchbook Tasting Room Staff

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

This month the Matchbook Tasting Room will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary. Continuing with our theme of 5’s – we asked 5 members of our Tasting Room 5 questions. Here’s what they said …

1. Can you describe your favorite Matchbook wine in 5 words? Extra points for rhyming.

  • Maureen: “Pink, peach, crisp, all day!” (Tinto Rey Rosé)
  • Kendall: “Sunset, boyfriend, content, toasted, bread.” (Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay)
  • Greg: “Leather, pepper, cherry, gunsmoke, cassis.” (Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Wendy: “Red, bold, dry, smoky, smooth.” (Matchbook Petit Verdot)
  • Anna: “Buttery, oaky, a little smoky.” *Extra points for rhyming! (The Arsonist Chardonnay)

2. Are you a fan of high 5’s? Yay or nay? If nay, what do you prefer?

  • Maureen: “Yay!”
  • Kendall: “Nay, I’ll take a 5 dollar bill :)”
  • Greg: “Nay, I like a simple handshake and great wine conversation.”
  • Wendy: “Yay, that would be ok.”
  • Anna: “Yay!”

3. Quick – there’s a zombie apocalypse and they are coming towards the tasting room! You have time to grab 5 things, what do you go for?

  • Maureen:“Cash drawer, 2 glasses, Greg to hold the door open and out I go with a pallet of wine!”
  • Kendall: “Money, Old Head Chardonnay, wine glass charms, a bottle opener, and golf cart keys!”
  • Greg: “Magnum of Mossback Cab, a bottle opener, wine glass, my keys, and my sunglasses.”
  • Wendy: “Cash drawer, computer, rosé shirts, my purse, and some Petit Verdot.”
  • Anna: “The wine club pick-up list, the wine club update list, any new wine club sign up forms, a bottle opener and a bottle of  The Arsonist Chardonnay!”

4. You and 4 tasting room staffers form a band, what’s your band name?

  • Maureen: “Hide the Wine!” – new country band
  • Kendall: “Pour Choices” – electronica
  • Greg: “Drunk by Noon!” – big band jazz
  • Wendy: The Bad Matches” – punk rock!
  • Anna: “The Soft Tannins” – an indie band

5. Name 5 things you can’t live without?

  • Maureen: “My kids, snack foods, Coca-Cola, sweatpants, and wine!”
  • Kendall: “Coffee, chocolate, sushi, the gym, and Netflix.”
  • Greg: “My wife, my dogs, my energy drinks, good food, and good wine.”
  • Wendy: “Water, nature, love, respect, and meds. (For fun: shoes, nachos, jackets, bloody marys and dill pickles.)”
  • Anna: “Friends, family, a good view, food, and Matchbook wines!”

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