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April 6th, 2021

Wine Club Recipe: Capay Grazing’s Mezze Board

by: Senica Gonzalez

To celebrate the inaugural release of our new Pillars of Hercules Red Blend, we found inspiration in Greek-style entertaining for our new perfect pairing.
Local food artist Kate Montgomery, owner of Capay Valley Grazing Co., stepped in to help us create the perfect list, tips and tricks for making the ultimate Greek Mezze Board.

What is a Mezze Board, you ask? Translated literally, the word mezze (meh-ZEH) means a taste or a bite. It is used to describe small plates of savory snacks that are served as a complement to drinks. What could be more perfect to pair with a wine named for the power and strength of a Greek God?

Feeds: Approximately 10 people                Total prep/cook time: 30 minutes

Suggested Accoutrement:

    • 12 oz. container fresh hummus
    • 12 oz. container fresh tzatziki
    • 12 oz. container tabbouleh
    • 1cup of mixed Greek olives
    • 12 oz. container fresh marinated mozzarella balls
    • 8 oz. herbed feta cheese, cubed
    • 1 jar roasted red peppers
    • 14 oz. jar of marinated artichoke hearts
    • 2 large cucumbers, sliced
    • 6 small radishes, halved
    • 1 lemon, sliced and halved
    • 8-10Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)
    • 1 container cherry tomatoes
    • 6 oz. assorted nuts
    • Assorted meats (such as salami and prosciutto)
    • Matchbook Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for drizzling
    • 1 package soft pita bread, brushed lightly with olive oil and toasted


Building your Mezze Board: Pro-Tips

  • Factor in your guest count. Depending on the number of guests, choose a platter or cutting board that is large enough to hold all of your dishes and sides. Square, round, or oval, white, patterned or colored – the dish you choose will be your vehicle as guests snack and nibble directly from the plate.
  • Taking center stage. Start by placing your hummus, tzatziki and olives in small bowls or ramakins. Place these randomly on your platter.
  • A little flare. Garnish hummus with a drizzle of Matchbook Olive Oil and cut cucumbers lengthwise for optimum dipping.
  • Color is king! Now it’s up to you to have fun with this recipe! Envision what you want your board to look like. Get creative, use complimenting colors like reds and greens or purples and yellows – breaking up the white and tan items with color. Keep layers and textures in mind as you arrange the board. You be the artist; the sky is the limit.
  • Finishing touches. When all sides are on the plate, fill in with warm fresh pita bread just before serving. Pop a bottle of Pillars of Hercules Red Blend and enjoy with friends!

 About our Guest Food Artist: Kate Montgomery

Kate Montgomery was born and raised in Wyoming and now calls the beautiful Capay Valley home. She established Capay Valley Grazing Co. in 2020 and now serves the greater Yolo County area with unique boards and boxes.

Each board and box includes a variety of fresh and local accoutrements such as cured meats, cheeses, olives, fresh fruit, dried fruit, seasonal veggies, nuts, jams, honey, artisan crackers and a sweet treat.  Availability of certain items will vary by season.

All boards are curated on eco-friendly boxes or 100% biodegradable disposable trays. Capay Valley Grazing Co. also offers elegant wood boards and beautiful round cheese boxes to help elevate your presentation.

If you’re a local, you can order through Instagram @capayvalleygrazing.co  or on the phone by calling 406-850-4107.

For those of you who wish to enjoy one of Kate’s boxes on the Matchbook patio, she offers always free delivery to Matchbook Winery!

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