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May 30th, 2018

Who (hoo hoo) Knew?

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

As 5th generation farmers, we are committed to preserving the land for future generations. We use mother nature’s natural predators and other non-invasive techniques to help keep our vines healthy throughout the year. Barn Owls are a key part of our vineyard sustainability practices.

Did you know… Owls feed on troublesome rodents in the vineyard?
A nesting owl will catch up to 6 gophers a day to feed the brood

The owl boxes in our Estate Vineyards are part of a joint research program between UC Davis and Sacramento State. This research is funded by a Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grant (Western SARE) and a grant from the Vertebrate Pest Control Research Advisory Committee. The scientists are studying barn owls to better understand the role they play in controlling rodent pests in vineyards. They will be monitoring owl nest boxes to collect data on clutch size (number of chicks in a nest), chick growth rates, prey delivery rates by the adults and diet. They will also be putting GPS tags on some of the owls to gain a better understanding of their hunting patterns within the vineyard and its impact on rodent populations.

The owl research team includes Dr. Sara Kross, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Studies at California State University, Sacramento; Dr. Joshua Hull, Adjunct Professor, UC Davis; Dr. Roger Baldwin, Vertebrate Pest specialist, UC Extension; Emily Phillips UC Davis graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Avian Science; Ryan Bourbour, UC Davis, Ecology Ph.D. student and Breanna Martinico an Avian Sciences Master’s student and a Ph. D. student in Ecology at UC Davis.

In our 30 years of experience growing grapes in the Dunnigan Hills, we have learned the best grapes make the best wine; and the best grapes are grown when we work in harmony with our eco-system and mother nature.

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May 24th, 2018

Wine & Spirits 90 Points and Best Buy – Oh My!!

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

We are thrilled to have our 2016 Mossback Russian River Valley Chardonnay highlighted in Wine & Spirits Magazine June issue. We love the review’s mouthwatering flavor descriptors “…notes of apple skin, tart white cherries and lemongrass.”

Mossback Winemaker, Dan Cederquist, has been working with the Mossback Russian River Valley Chardonnay vineyard for over two decades. Dan loves this vineyard for the crisp apple and beautiful fruit components. Winemakers are like parents, they don’t really pick favorites, but it is fair to say the Mossback Russian River Chardonnay is one of Dan’s “go-to” wines.

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May 22nd, 2018

A Fruitful Chardonnay Day

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

Matchbook will be celebrating Chardonnay Day this Thursday, in a fruitful fashion! Our berries have reached fruit set and are “enlarging beautifully” according to Matchbook’s head winemaker Dan Cederquist.

Cheers and Happy Chardonnay Day!

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What is fruit set?

Fruit set occurs when the flower forms a berry.

May 17th, 2018

Vit Bit: It is all in the Fist!

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer

Spring is here, and our Matchbook Estate Vineyards are thriving! At this time of year, we perform the second stage of canopy management when the threat of frost has passed. We go through the vineyard, row by row and vine by vine to remove volunteer shoots. This creates a balanced fruit area that will produce the highest quality grapes. This practice is called shoot thinning.  Timing is critical for this work because if it is done too early, we lose the protective thermal blanket that the volunteer shoots provide for the vine’s fruit-producing shoots.

“We are looking for a fist width between vine spurs to lower yields and increase flavor concentration. Shoot thinning is important because it creates a uniform fruit zone and allows consistent sunlight into the canopy,” said Greg Giguiere, Director of Vineyard Operations.

Shoot thinning will give the grape clusters just the right amount of space, sunlight, nutrients and ventilation they need as we progress through the 2018 growing season.

Cheers to the 2018 Harvest!

May 4th, 2018

The Perfect Match: A Pizza & Wine Pairing Guide

by: Virginia Valdez Sandfer


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Nothing is better than perfectly paired wine and wood-fired pizza outside on the Matchbook patio! Check out our Perfect Match pizza pairing guide put together by Flour Dust Pizza Company and Matchbook Winemaker, Dan Cederquist. What will you choose?

Join us for Flour Dust Pizza & Matchbook Wines!

Where: The Matchbook Tasting Room

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