June 2017 – Matchbook Wines

Month: June 2017



June 30th, 2017

We have veraison – Harvest 2017 will be here soon!

by: Mikaela Leach

Did you know all wine grape varietals start out green? Veraison occurs when the berries change from green to their harvest color. Thank you to Winemaker, Dan Cederquist, who snapped this photo while walking our Matchbook Tempranillo Vineyard. Harvest will be here soon!




June 27th, 2017

Forbes.com raves about 2013 Matchbook Tempranillo!

by: Mikaela Leach

Our very own 2013 Matchbook Tempranillo was selected as one of Nick Passmore’s favorite Platinum Award winning wines from the 2017 Critics Challenge Wine Competition. Nick describes the wine in his forbes.com article as “An explosion of raspberry exuberance. As delightful as an aperitif as with food, a rare achievement.” To read the full article click here. To purchase a bottle and taste for yourself click here.  Cheers!




June 22nd, 2017

Barrel Delivery!

by: Mikaela Leach

We are barreling down the days to harvest. Did you know, Matchbook winemakers use over 7,800 barrels to ferment and age our wines? This summer, we will receive almost 900 barrels in preparation for the upcoming 2017 Harvest.




June 15th, 2017

GOLD for Mossback Chardonnay at 2017 Dan Berger International Wine Competition

by: Mikaela Leach

Dan Berger International Wine Competition (formerly Riverside International Wine Competition) is one of the original wine competitions that started in 1982 as part of the California State Fair.

24 Internationally respected wine judges awarded our 2015 Mossback Russian River Chardonnay a GOLD medal based on criteria created over 50 years ago by Prof. Maynard Amerine at UC Davis.

A glass of Mossback Russian River Chardonnay is “rich and creamy with a nice minerality” and perfect for summer! Click here to buy a bottle today.



June 5th, 2017

Good Looking Chardonnay Clusters!

by: Mikaela Leach

John Giguiere reviews sample Chardonnay grape clusters from the Gemmer South block of our Matchbook Vineyard with Viticulturist, Yannis Toutountzis, Head Winemaker, Dan Cederquist and Winemaker, Hayden Oliver. The grapes are approaching the “bunch closure” phenological stage and they look great! The 2017 Harvest will be here soon!