April 2017 – Matchbook Wines

Month: April 2017



April 28th, 2017

Why Are We Here? The Answer is Underfoot.

by: Lane Giguiere

RocksIf you stand in the middle of the Matchbook vineyard and wonder why we decided to plant grapes on the tops of these Dunnigan Hills, look down. The answer is underfoot. The rocks and red gravel are why we are here. Rocks don’t hold water, they provide no nutrients, this is heaven to a grape farmer. Vines need a little stress to produce flavorful grapes, and well-drained, rocky soils restrict vegetation and force vines to search deep for all-essential water and nourishment. This stress naturally reduces bunch and berry size, controls canopy development and builds strong roots.

April 20th, 2017

Bâtonnage & Chardonnay

by: Mikaela Leach


Our Chardonnays are barrel fermented and barrel aged.  We stir the barrels regularly to increase the wine’s contact with the lees, which adds the signature creamy texture to our Matchbook and Arsonist Chardonnays. This winemaking technique is called Bâtonnage and goes all the way back to the Ancient Romans.  With just the right amount of Bâtonnage, we achieve our desired balance of richness and bright fruit flavors on the palate of our Chardonnay.  Click here to see a video of this centuries-old winemaking technique.