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November 18th, 2014

2014 Matchbook Rosé of Tempranillo

by: Dave Kempa

2014 Rose of TempranilloThe first thing you’ll note when pouring a glass of Matchbook’s much anticipated 2014 Rosé of Tempranillo is the wine’s color. A pale peach. Coral. It’s lighter, more provincial than your typical strawberry- or cherry-tinted new world rosé.

On the aroma you’ll find more peaches, and cream, with a touch of strawberry and root beer (or sassafras, as our head winemaker likes to call it).

This is a beautiful drink. Crisp. Perfect (and just in time) for a greeting wine to be served before sitting down with family and friends for your Thanksgiving feast.

“We make it the honest way,” says Matchbook winemaker Dan Cederquist. “We ferment slowly and arrest the fermentation at just the right sugar level. We’re not adding concentrate or anything like that, which is cheating.”

Dan has been making Matchbook’s Rosé of Tempranillo since 2008, and he puts his passion on display for this one. He ferments the wine at a low temperature in order to keep its intricate aromatics intact. Time consuming, yes, but well worth the wait.

Last Wednesday we bottled 1,000 cases of 2014 Rosé of Tempranillo, and we’re truly excited to have finished this beautiful wine just in time for the holidays. If you’d like to take some home this season, you can buy it from our online store or visit our tasting room in Zamora, CA. You might also keep an eye out for it at your local retailer, but act fast: We run out of stock early each year!

November 6th, 2014

From Crew to Matchbook

by: Dave Kempa

Matchbook TwitterIn recent years, we’ve noticed our customers increasingly referring to us not by our business name, Crew Wine Company, but by our flagship label’s title, Matchbook Wines. In turn, you may have noted us referring to ourselves as Matchbook Wine Company in conversation, emails and even on our business cards. That’s our way of telling you that we’ve taken the hint, and will continue to increase use of the Matchbook name in our correspondence.

Starting today, we have changed our Twitter handle to @MatchbookWines. You can expect the same to follow with the rest of our social media accounts, although some, like our Facebook page, require an extra bit of authorization [edit: the Facebook name change has gone through!]. In time, we also hope to change the url of our website to reflect the Matchbook name–though that may take some time as well.

So what about Crew?

Well, we’re still Crew Wine Company. You’ll note that on all of our official documents. But given the affection for the Matchbook label, we’re honored to call ourselves Matchbook Wine Company for the sake of our customers.