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August 27th, 2013

Go For It

by: Lane Giguiere

2010 Matchbook Tempranillo was named the Stark Insider Wine of the Week on August 23, 2013. The West Coast on-line magazine gave our Dunnigan Hills Tempranillo 89 Points and the advise “Go For It!”

Sometimes you find a gem off the beaten path. Not from Napa, not from Sonoma, and not from Santa Barbara. How about from Dunnigan Hills? No, this is not in Oregon – though, for some odd reason, it just feels like this wine would hearken from the state just north of California. Matchbook is located in the Central Valley, 30 miles east of Napa. 

I know I’ve said before we don’t need no stinkin’ stories when it comes to wine. But you got to hand it to whatever marketing team put together the backgrounder. Apparently, proprietor John Giguiere liked “starting things on fire such as his father’s wheat fields.” That (goes the story) led to rockets, explosions, random fires and calls to the local fire department. But Of course! Don’t we all get into wine that way? There’s no such fireworks in the glass here. Instead this is a soft, tasty, and easy sipper. The blackberry is on the sweet side. Those who don’t gravitate towards wines on the acidic side, will  likely appreciate its smooth, gentle character. Even though Tempranillo is the fourth most planted grape in the world, I don’t come across it too often in California. The varietal is huge in Spain – and, in fact, I’m told the Matchbook vineyard originated with cuttings from the Pesquera region of Spain. 89 Points.

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August 22nd, 2013

Farm to Label

by: Lane Giguiere

We can’t help it. We just love to tweak and noddle and fiddle around with our wines and labels in the pursuit of perfection. That’s the thing about the Giguiere family – there is no finish line.

Take our Mossback label. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that beautiful label designed in 2006. The relief of vines on the black background is stunning; the Mossback brand name on the gold plate is elegant. But elegant is not the first word that comes to mind when we think about a farmer.

Mossback is an old fashioned term for farmer. We are fifth generation farmers and know first-hand the hard work that goes into growing a crop.  It involves tractors and boots and dirty fingernails. There is nothing elegant about any of that. Even while we love our chic Mossback label, it just doesn’t speak farmer.

What does speak farmer is that ubiquitous leather patch on the back of jeans worn by every grower we know. That iconic yet simple statement of quality is the inspiration for our new Mossback label. It’s straightforward, rugged and down to earth. Pretty much like the fruit for our Mossback wines, sourced from established family farmers producing basic, no nonsense magic in the Russian River Valley.

Once we made the decision to redesign our label, the fun began. We turned to Carole Goulding owner of Day Design and creator of our striking Chasing Venus label. She gave us a whole handful of label ideas ranging from amazing to spectacular, but when we saw the leather patch we knew she nailed it. Classy and rustic; folksy and modern. The label looks so simple, yet when it is on the bottle there is a visceral urge to reach out to see if the stitching is real. Spoiler alert: it’s just great design.

Our new Mossback label will be introduced on our 2012 Russian River Valley Chardonnay, 2012 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir and 2010 Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon.

In a world of e-this and virtual-that, our new label is a reminder that the daily task of farming the vineyards surrounding our winery is a genuine reason to celebrate.

Mossback label

August 7th, 2013

Uncork Tempranillo

by: Lane Giguiere

The August 3, 2013 issue of Daily Chronicle features Winemaker Dan Cederquist and 2010 Matchbook Tempranillo:

The learning curve seems to have been mastered quickly.

Dan Cederquist never made wine using Tempranillo fruit, yet after just eight vintages of Matchbook, he’s crafted the finest domestic interpretation of the the varietal most commonly associated with Spain.

Grown in poor, rocky soil under the hot sun that sends daytime temperatures soaring in the Dunnigan Hills AVA in the Sacramento Valley, Matchbook Tempranillo is a stunning New World interpretation that still has plenty of Old World characteristics.

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